metal-organic frameworks

Metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, are precisely arranged crystals containing metal corners and organic linkers. Much like polymers, there are many different types of MOFs, each of which has different characteristics in certain applications. The MOF shown here is NU-125, created at Northwestern University. Other MOFs include HKUST-1, UiO-66, Fe-MOF-74, and PCN-250.

Get a more accurate feel for pore size by looking at these MOFs with a space-filling model. You can also view its core structure as a wireframe, or go back to ball and stick.

imolecule uses a lambert shader by default, but can also use phong, basic, and toon shading.

As I work with crystals, I've added some extra features for these structures. Crystallographers like viewing these structures with an orthographic camera. Unlike a perspective view, this does not distinguish depth with a focal length. You can also turn unit cell display on and off.

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